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It’s here. The #1 Electrical App. The new Electrical Truck Stock Pro App. All new features suggested by our users. Create your own custom lists, add as many employees as you need.
The app is free to download and is subscription based. Rated App of The Month by Electrical Contractor Magazine.

Every List in one area from one app for ALL electricians! Save time, reduce errors and keep your trucks stocked with Truck Stock App Pro. This Electrical Software is designed specifically for a solo electrician, or for an entire team of electricians. This is the #1 Electrician App! Designed with the electrical contractor in mind. “One of the best electrical apps I’ve found!”. – Electrician Smart

The Truck Stock app has versions available for the electrical; plumbing; and heating, ventilating and air conditioning fields. Technicians can build a materials list by checking off the needed items and sending the request directly to the shop or supply house.

More than 300 of the most common electrical parts for the residential and commercial service industry are available. The app also saves a record of past requests on the device for future reference.

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You can download it free from Google Play!

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