Electrical Truck Stock Pro

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You asked for it and you got it! This Electrician App is subscription-based and all subscribers will have access to the same product list which can be fully customized by the admin. All history is saved and technicians can be added or deleted as needed right from the admin's app. Material lists can be sent to the office, warehouse supplier or all of them at once. Having a trail will prevent errors and excuses. Know who ordered what and when it was ordered. No longer will you have to keep track of or decipher material lists written on pieces of cardboard or lunch bags and no longer will you have to remember verbal requests or compile text messages or emails. Every list in one area from one app for ALL technicians and electricians. Rated electrical App of the Month by Electrical Contractor Magazine! Save time, reduce errors and keep your trucks stocked with Truck Stock App Pro.

  • Fewer trips to the supply house increase profits.
  • Having a PDF history lets you know who dropped the ball when material is wrong or missing.
  • Over 300 of the most common truck stock items are pre-installed and the admin can add or delete as many as needed to fit their company and services.
  • Access Support right from the app!
  • Rated App Of The Month by Electrical Contractor Magazine.

Only $3.99 per month per user! One extra trip to the supply house can cost you over an hour in lost time and wages, that savings alone will cover the cost of the app for over a year!

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